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Pareshaan Raat Saari Hai

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Here's my take on it:

Tum manzil se abhi keh do, ki milne hum kal aayenge
Abhi hum par khhumari hai, sitaron tum to so jao

Badi tumne bhi kaati hain, tanha raatein hans hans ke
Sahar muddat hamari hai, sitaron tum to so jao

Khhwabon ki khalish dekhee, haalaat-e-haqeekat bhi
Ghazab be-ikhteyari hai, sitaron tum to so jao


  1. sexy stuff boy.... actually irshaad irshaad....

  2. yo keeeda macha diye...
    waise yeh toh apni puraani aadat hian

  3. Maan gaye ustaad aapko.....!!!!

  4. @philosophical junkie ... tnx tnx
    bas mylayaza jaari hai aage bhi dekh lo

    @anshuman ... thanks man

    @blindquare: saale comment likh rahe ho ya ehsaan kar rahe ho

    @ambuj ... bas aap jaise prashansakon ke kaaran hi hamari kavya-yatra jaari hai


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