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1. JEE counseling brochure 2. Morrison and Boyd 3. Constitution of the Patel Hall 4. Half a bottle of Kahlua 5. Manuscript of two 13 year old poems (written in 97-98) 6. Script of "The Pie and the Tart" and "Me Against Myself" 7. Secretary election funda diary 8. A half written ____-letter ish thingy [;)] 9. A bottle of hair oil (yes from those times) 10. Load Runner Quarter Final Result Sheet 11. This photograph Top-10(+1) things found while cleaning the room.

Sach is Life

It was 4 pm. I was hungry, having not eaten anything for close to 15 hours. I had spent the last two hours in an examination hall where I had found out the actual name of the course for the first time. Common sense dictated – get food and get rest. Thankfully I had 2 missed calls, when I checked my phone after the exam. They were from Mom. I called back and found out that He was batting on 75. If I did not believe in serendipity earlier, I do now. We all know what happened next, and papers tomorrow will be full of it. In few or more words they will all call Him a living legend – there was never a doubt over that. They will all salute His genius – one would be blind not to have observed that already. They’ll say men like Him are born once in a century – and surely time will stand witness to that. They’ll all say cricket will never be the same without Him – and I dread to think of the day when He decides to say “that’s all folks” . Somehow, I always feel that my words will do justice to