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Lovely Omelette

Preface: This is a sequel / prequel to " Stupid Roses ". Do read that as well, if you haven't already. He glanced around the room. He did not want to be late. There was something missing but he could not figure out what. A dozen or so items lay on the table, neat and tidy. He ran through the list once again. Chopped onions, mashed garlic cloves, tomatoes, capsicum, coriander leaves, butter, salt, pepper and of course eggs. Ah, chilies, he had forgotten green chilies. He rushed to the refrigerator. He did not want to be late. Not tonight. She could handle this on her own, she told herself. Vials of various sizes were spread around. The pills, at last. She gulped down two at a time. This should ease things down, for a few minutes at least, though she could never be sure. They came in waves – these attacks, in ebbs and flows – and they were becoming far more frequent; and punctual. For now, though, she was calm. In the distance, the second hand of the wall clock was loud as

Conversations with Self

A lot of you keep asking me, “ tu din bhar karta kya ha i ” (what do you do all day in your free time). Here’s the answer. In what follows, most of the lines were spoken in the head, some aloud. And it’s not this coherent in original, it’s been paraphrased. “ I need a plan. I really need a plan. I need to retire, retire early. I can't work for long. I should retire by the time I am 40. Yeah 40 seems reasonable. That gives me 16 years of working life. Spend a couple years doing MBA, and I am left with 14 years. Not bad. I hope I will be able to retire at 40, and not get bogged by social obligation. Obligations? Will I have a family to take care of? A kid maybe? [No comment on this status update yet? Why isn’t anyone online?] Hmm, I can have a kid. How old would he be then? Around 7 I guess. Yeah 33 seems to be a good age to have a kid. And when the kid is 7, that’s a good time to retire. Give my nurturing instincts a way to express themselves [chuckles to self] . Seriously, 7 is a

Active Learning

Disclaimer #1: I am going a bit off the cuff with this post. Reader discretion is advised. Disclaimer #2: This one too is dedicated to Dr Stephen T Colbert and that brings us to tonight’s WORD: ACTIVE LEARNING . Now folks, every time I am home, I see this commercial on TV - this (kinda hot?) Mom bragging about how a certain DTH operator helped her learn English. Most of you would have seen it. And well, the first time I saw it, when she makes that transition and says pro-"noun"-cia-tion initially, I said to myself, Its pro-"nun"-cia-tion for god’s sake. Thankfully the ad makers took care of that. So, why am I discussing pronunciations here? Well the simple fact is that most of the people get that pronunciation wrong. This is ok, considering it’s not our first language. People also get "restaurant" wrong. Hell, even I don’t know how to pro-NOUN-ce " restaurant ". You see, French may be damn seductive, but it’s not the most phonetic of languages.