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My best digital art

I present here my bestest digital art creation ever. Its a poster made for Robotix 2009. Inspired by a lot of grunge artwork, the background alone took more than 4 hours in the making. The background was made from scratch using just 4 stock images (that can be seen on the 4 corners). Once the background was done, the 09 (yellow/orange) part took the maximum time -- close to 1.5 hours. It is my most detailed work ever with a lot of time spent in getting proper text shadow for maximum legibility. And finally it is among the very few artwork that looks better in print than on screen (usually it is the other way round). Grunge by ~ ritwik-mango on deviant ART The background alone looks something like this Grunge Poster background by ~ ritwik-mango on deviant ART

I Smell Gold : This time it's personal

Won my first individual event ever in college. Since no one else was blowing my horn, decided to do that myself. So here is my gold winning speech :) Since you might get bored half way through the speech, let me thank the people who need to be thanked right now itself: Apurva, Myth, Zoo, Xar, Kamra, Harsha and even Bishnoi :) Motion: Increasing national security and surveillance is a cosmetic response to any extremist activity in a democratic and tolerant society . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Let me start with a very clich├ęd “Picture this”. I am a 7 year old boy and I behave like any 7 year old does. I hate milk and I throw a tantrum when I see a glass full of that filthy white thing. As a seven year old I probably don’t know the words tantrum and filthy, but this ignorance does not save me from the wrath of my father. He takes less than 45 seconds to get that milk down my throat. I certainly don’t like it. Thankfully, sometime later my mother explains to me why I need that milk if