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Khwaab Ka Paudha -- I

Umr ke kacche mod pe

Khwaabon ka ek ped lagaya

Ruk kar do ghadi ek din for

Seench usko pyar jataya

Jaane ki jaldi thi shaayad

Agli subah bula rahi thi

Naye dhuno aur naye raag ka

Naya khwaab who dikha rahi thi

Uncchai ki chhah liye

Aur kuchh karne ki pyaas liye

Chhod chala apne paudhe ko

Bas yaadein apne saath liye

Chala chala un raahon mein fir

Gumnaami ki raat kati

Fir aaya who naya savera

Khushiyon ki barsaat hui

Kuchh aise jeevan beeta aur

Kuchh khoya kuchh paya maine

Har baadha ko paar kiya aur

Har manzil ko paaya maine

Khushiyon ke is kolaahal mein

Shaam hui main bhayak raha tha

Kuchh karma baaki tha shaayd

Man ke andar kuchh bhatak raha tha

Yaad aayen kuchh beeti baatein

Jin par parda main gira chukka tha

Boya tha barson pehle jo

Khwaabon ka paudha bula raha tha

Turant utha fir, chhod chala sab

Us paudhe se mujhko milna tha

Fati puraani yaadon ko

Uski chhaon mein seena tha

Usi rah par naye safar mein

Dekha jo dil dahal gaya tha

Manzar badle, mausam badal

Pal dar pal sab badal gaya tha

In par hi to chal aay tha main

Par ab rasta lamba lagta tha

Umr hui un raaton ki jab

Apni khoj mein chalta tha

Aakhirkaar ghadi aaye who

Dil zoron se tha dhadak raha tha

Meri annkhon kea age who

Mera paudha chahak raha tha

Bada ho chukka tha who ab tak

Daali daali thi lachak rahi

Meri hare k safalta isme

Fal ban ke thi latak rahi

Us paudhe ki ek jhalak mein

Fir se saara jeevan dekha

Aankhen nam thi, badal garje

Kya khwaabon ka mausam dekha

Kuchh baatein ki hum dono ne

Bhule bisre kisse duhraye

Raat ki datsak par fir humne

Antim chhandon ke geet sunaye

Thak chukka tha man ab mera

Thak chuke the mere paon

So gayi uski baahon mein

Wahi odh kar uski chhaon


  1. aashavad nirashavad mein paudhe ki kahe maar diya hai

  2. yaadon ke is paudhe ko
    tu aise mat maar zaraa
    abhi aandhi aayi nahi hai
    use puchkaar zaraa..

    chale chal uske goad mein
    use sehlaa zaraa
    abhi to janm hua hai uska
    aise mat maar zaraa..

    Great post man..


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