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Khwaab Ka Paudha -- II

Umr ke kacche mod pe

Khwaabon ka ek ped lagaya

Ruk kar do ghadi ek din for

Seench usko pyar jataya

Jaane ki jaldi thi shaayad

Agli subah bula rahi thi

Naye dhuno aur naye raag ka

Naya khwaab who dikha rahi thi

Uncchai ki chhah liye

Aur kuchh karne ki pyaas liye

Chhod chala apne paudhe ko

Bas yaadein apne saath liye

Chala chala un raahon mein fir

Gumnaami ki raat kati

Fir aaya who naya savera

Khushiyon ki barsaat hui

Kuchh aise jeevan beeta aur

Kuchh khoya kuchh paya maine

Har baadha ko paar kiya aur

Har manzil ko paaya maine

Khushiyon ke is kolaahal mein

Shaam hui main bhayak raha tha

Kuchh karma baaki tha shaayd

Man ke andar kuchh bhatak raha tha

Yaad aayen kuchh beeti baatein

Jin par parda main gira chukka tha

Boya tha barson pehle jo

Khwaabon ka paudha bula raha thA

Bahut soch kar aakhir ek din

Usi raah par kadam badhaye

Sab kuchh tha kal ke hi jaisa

Kisse saare sune sunaye

Fir aaya woh mod puraana

Par kuchh badla badla sa tha

Mere paudhe ki mitti par

Koi sookhi thoonth ki kaaya sa tha

Jhar bikhre the saare patte

Ek fool ka naam na tha

Mere naakaam iraadon ka

Mujh par aisa ilzaam sa tha

Kaati thi usne tanha raatein

Jab koi megh na baras raha tha

Meri khwaabon ka paudha lekin

Meri aankhon ko taras raha tha

Har sach jhootha lagta tha ab

Who pehla khwaab adhoora tha

Kaali chadar si chhayi mujh par

Bas chaaron or andhera tha

Aansoon se seenchoon ab usko

Man ka sagar par sookh chukka tha

Dekh ke tooti tehniyon ko

Man ke andar sab toot chukka tha

Thak haar sameta apne man ko

Chun uthaye patte ek do

Baandha pehle khwaab ko usme

Apni antim yaadon ko


  1. paudha vapas bo de dost
    aur pani ki dhar laga
    haare na wo pehli chaah
    baazi fir ik baar laga

    fir se dhoop hawa pani de
    sapne par mat haar laga
    jitni mehnat kar aaya hai
    paudhe par guna chaar laga

    pehla pyar na bhula jaye
    pehla sapna tut na paye
    us pehli chingari khatir
    jeevan is par yaar laga.


  2. paudhe aur manushya mein
    tu bas fark samhaj
    us paudhe ki kabra par tu
    fir barsaat kara .

    ji uthega fir wo paudha
    ban jayga wo ped
    gir gir ke uthna hi
    hai is jeevan ka khel.

    well written dude

  3. i m sowmya,anup's friend. he forwarded me ur url, i read it and liked the poem,thr4 posted a comment.

  4. thanks to all
    and yes i am tryingto kep the khwaab ka paudha alive

  5. and now i discover that you 're a gr8 writer.... the flow of your poems is excellent....


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महफ़िलें वही हैं, ये
जाम दूसरा है
बाज़ार है वही, पर
दाम दूसरा है

ख्वाहिशें वही हैं
खुमार दूसरा है
यार भी वही हैं, पर
प्यार दूसरा है

सब कुछ है हूबहू, बस
ख्याल दूसरा है
वो साल दूसरा था, ये
साल दूसरा है


mehfilein wahi hain, par
jaam doosra hai
bazaar bhi wahi hai, par
daam doosra hai

khwahishein wahi hain
khumaar doosra hai
yaar bhi wahi hain, par
pyaar doosra hai

sab kuchh hai hu-ba-hu, bas
khayal doosra hai
woh saal doosra tha
yeh saal doosra hai