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Guys will be Guys

What is it guys and their idea of expression? No wonder cell phone and greeting card companies have to turn to women when they want to say, “Express yourself.” The older a boy gets the more he becomes aware of the fact that other humans of the same gender are not to be spoken of in an affectionate way.

There were times when we too had best friends. These were the boys like us with whom we shared our lunch at school. These were the boys who helped us with our homework, and these were the very same boys who picked up fights for you in the playground when you were not strong enough to stand for yourself. As we got to our early teens, these boys were the confidantes who were the first to learn of our secret crushes. And at times these boys were the pigeons carrying mush-infested paper balls to and from these secret crushes. They were our best friends.

Then through some freak of nature these boys became men. And then somehow there were no best friends. Girls still have their best friends (at least I think they do). Boys? Well, something happens somewhere down the line that programs their brains to behave in the following manner.

“So, who is your best friend?”

“What’s best friend? That’s so childish. I have many good friends. We are all good friends.”

So while you still have a closer, select, cherished group of same-sex individuals whom you trust and bank upon, and who would be your single phone call from prison – their acceptance as best friend(s) has been gradually and methodically erased from our genes. --- Equation: (a)

While I might agree to the fact that Friendship Day might be a stupid idea to begin with – if Valentine’s Day is OK so is Friendship Day. If it’s dumb to commemorate a day to tell someone that he is your friend – it’s no worse than taking out a day to tell someone you love her. --- Equation: (b)

From (a) and (b)

So when you add our genetically modified expression of sentiments to the idea of Friendship Day, you get something like this:


“Same to you but why the :P”

its thoda sa gay

thts why :P laga diya”

Now that’s a real life chat.

It’s the very same phenomena that makes a guy who has been a close friend of yours for close to 9 years write something like this:

Happy Friendship Day“

“haan haan

Ain’t we too old for Happy Friendship Day?

That’s us. That’s our Y chromosome acting. So the only recess we have available is under the stream of a serious volume of alcohol.

There’s booze in the blood. Oh, shut up! You Y-Chromosome!

Then it is ok for that very same friend to call me up on STD (something guys don’t do except when it’s your birthday or when you are in a coma) in the middle of midnight, all drunk and high, and then hand over the phone to his girlfriend saying “I just felt my girlfriend should talk to my best friend.”

Holy Alcohol!

So while we curse our friends when they use our deodorant or when they run a heist on our food plate in the canteen – a heist, at times, on ex-girlfriends (and sometimes current as well) is accomplished without any transaction of Sorries and Thankyous. Thank God for the Y-chromosome. After all it’s the Bro Code : Bros before Hoes (details) – which simply translated means “Bas apne beech mein ladki aa gayi. Yahi dosti yahi pyaar!!!”

So here I toast to the unspoken spirit of the bro code.

And this Friendship Day I say to all my unnamed friends (they know who they are – can’t name them – remember the Y guy) without a drop of alcohol in my blood : “I Love You all in the most NON-GAY way that I can.”

Happy Friendship Day.


  1. As I've expressed earlier..

    I've posted a comment here:
    Re: Guys will be Guys

  2. this could have made it to 22 crossroads as well u knw...
    cant say whether its good or bad... its impulsive writing... the kind i always appreciate

  3. nice post again. i think i have become a regular reader of your blog(s). keep it up!

  4. haanji it is still a little gay

  5. aise hi likha karo fir se,...achha lagta hai


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