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Final Fantasy

So much light
I can't see myself
So dark around
I can't be myself
From the shackles
I'll free myself
And the journey continues.

Lay beside me,
and lift me high above
Then let go off the cliff,
for that adrenaline rush
The clouds have gone now,
will it ever rain
If you can love me now,
I can love you once again

Lay beside me,
in this gothic sky
Black blood flowing in my vein,
but i want to stay alive
The clouds are back now,
the journey continues
Its raining once again,
and the journey continues.

Crumples flowers, crumpled stones
Bruised and battered, I stand alone
Are you the wine, that can carry me with you?

Crumpled flower. crumpled stone
Carrying blames on my own
Are you the sin
are you sorry I was you?
Well, I am sorry too.

Come lay beside me,
it's hurting even more
I tried to break free all my bonds
and it's hurting even more
There's no strength left now
I am giving in, I am through
Are you listening to me now,
I am coming back to you.

So lay beside me,
and be my final home
Only you can save me now,
from the drudgery that I've known
This life's not for me,
it's too real, it's too true
Are you listening to me now,
I am coming back to you.

Banal life, banal name
All the while I have been the same
Without the rain how can I be free

Banal life, banal name
My life's been shrouded with shame
Oh dear death! come and be with me
You're my final fantasy.


  1. Engrossing and meaningful. Sad and well-said. Lively and dead.

  2. well nice first attempt... but next time try to make it less in ur face... poetry is supposed to be subtle

  3. @anon ... thanks, considering that deep means good

    @chinmay ... chalo engrossing to laga , which means u liked reading ... so the purpose is served

    @philosophical junkie ... poetry means breaking rules too, so maybe i did that by not being subtle.

    Note for everyone: Isnt the text lyrical ... does it remind you of nething?

  4. nice one! puts death in a new perspective that i had never thought about.

  5. abe saale wheres my acknowledgment?

  6. ok i think nobody really got it ritwik :P

    its unforgiven 2, ppl


  7. nice poetry .. lekin samajh mein nahi aaya

  8. @myth ... sorry for forgetting to acknowledge you
    poeple myth helped me with the words "gothic" and "banal"


    you are write ... i was INSPIRED by the tune and the metre of "Unforgiven II" by Metallica. Thank you Metallica. Apart from the tune and the metre i only lifted three words form the song (LAY BESIDE ME)

    @abhin4v .... jyaada to mujhe bhi samajh mein nahi aaya ... bas rhyme kara kara ke likh diye

  9. dont know if am reading too much out of it... and no idea about great metallica!!... but at one point i really thought that you have written about your own personal struggle... you know what i mean... to break free and still hanging on to the shredded thread!!!

  10. Keep up the good work.


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