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That's All Folks

Top 2 ON. Baby ON !!

4 years. 7 events.

It’s been a long journey ... one filled with roadblocks, preconceived notions, mindsets and apprehensions.

For you I have been a long haired devil, a fat bare-chested cannibal, a camouflage-trousered terrorist and a bald megalomaniac.

In these 7 events I have probably managed a total of 7 different expression at max (you know where I tilt my head a little, open my eyes big, then rotate the head in a plane and them smell something weird :P (watch 6:10 to 6:20 of this video for reference) A loudspeaker in my vocal chords and my audacious experiments with hair has been my saving grace as an actor.

I have been as lethargic a director (Mythun will vouch for that) as I have been whimsical -- cracking jokes and shouting at people within 5 minutes of each other.

But, I have dreamt and fortunately seen some of them come true (we pulled off a f***ing MUSICAL dude). Yes, in 2006 Patel Drams was a dream -- 1 Bronze, 2 Silvers, 2 Best Directors and 2 Golds later I can say this -- its been one hell of a journey.

Spectacular, Spectacular -- That’s Patel Drams and Me!!

And despite the narcissist that I am -- this journey would have been nothing without you guys. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this dream for the last 4 years and special Thank You to Mandal Da, Shreyas, Aggu, Bharti, Sharad, Khare, Shobhit, Zoo, Guchu, Naman, Nivi, Rathore, Faridi, Mikesh, Akshat, Bish, Sahu, Raju, Apurv, KK, Myth, Tempo Da and Sandy. My KGP story would be incomplete without you guys.

So that's it -- no more travelling from Patel to Netaji in a truck, no more hair do, no more frusst nite outs, no more dreaming scenes (I literally had drams scenes playing in my dreams before last 2 productions) ... and no more tempo shouts on Netaji stage.

That's all folks.

Judges, please note the empty stage.


  1. hope u get to see the soc-cult GC enter thru the gates of Patel this year... was fun doing drams for Patel with those whom you mentioned and the ones who graduated before that....cheers

  2. That's all folks !
    and what a way to end it !!!

    Seriously .. heartiest congrats to all of you. Hindi drams gold was something we yearned for.. a LOT. And to see(well... not really :P) Patel win it.. can't put in words.

    Awesome work guys. Pure Awesome.

  3. thats as good as it gets :)


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