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.:ROBOTIX 2007:.

My message to the team .....

“If I need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And I dream of an imaginary time.”

That imaginary time has become real …
When everything's been said and done....
When words run out ... and so does your ability to invent new ones to suit the moment
To honor it ... to savor it
What do you say ... it’s not the first time that I have been in this situation

That night u guys asked for one line ... well keeda never speaks a single line ... and again well as i said I just write my blog

So, what do I say about such an astonishing fest and such a great group of people ... well for one ... it was more than about just a fest ... more than about 546 teams and 1500 participants ....more than about 2 odd lakhs spent on it ... more than 4 dog tiring days and nights ... much much more than that.

It was about self belief ... it was about a dream ... a dream come true in much bigger proportions ... it was about the look ... look on the faces and the look in the yes ... look on the faces , the first two days ... the look of feeling and triumph on a HUGGGGE turnout ... juxtaposed with a feeling of eeriness questioning if we are prepared for it ... and then the look on the faces giving way to the look in the eyes on the last 2 days because the face is too tired to emote ... eyes filled with hunger and sleeplessness , and enjoying every moment of it ... it was about everything and nothing at the same time.

It was about every millisecond of time that Apurv could sleep ... about every missing bottle of water ... about people running with markers and paper pads ... about writing 1800 certificates ... about power failures in the middle of the events ... about pregnant robots ... about sulking individuals ....drooping shoulders ... misdirected venting of frustration … late night Pjs ... no sugar no milk tea cups that even made PB snap ... about providing more than required information ... about smelly socks ... about weird Hindi announcements ... about "1,2,3 start tad tad tad taliyan" ... about sneaked pizzas ... neend mein sote logo ka insomnia ... about hiding secret arena ... about sassy trying to make sense of 3 rupee ka resistor ...about Choubey's voice or rather the lack of it ... about the adrak that tried to cure it ... about Aamir looking for jhaadoo at weird times…about TD’s smile ... about every packet of samosa and alu chop that never seemed to end like kuber ka khajana ... about a 7'x5' ka painting that didn’t have a location to be put up ... about weirdly capped ASIMOs Honda would shiver to look at …about Sabya trying to make sense of my choicest fonts and color combos ... about jumping the boundary at Prembazar gate ... running our of registration forms ... last minute rule changes ... about realistic and unrealistic "worst case" estimations ... about that one moment of satisfaction that is worth all the pain in the world.

Yes, there is satisfaction; there is a whirlwind of emotions in the end. It is a high ... a high of an entirely different kind ... a high that nothing tangible in the world can provide. There is nothing more intoxicating than success. And WE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL. In spite of all our imperfections, we have achieved, what to many seemed impossible. But this is not the end. The journey continues.

For some it was their first taste of ROBOTIX, and I am absolutely sure their palates would be itching for more. Fore some, sadly, it was their last. When all numbers and figures and statistics have faded away, our success can only be measured by their happiness. I wish, we have given them a reason to smile.

We are all enjoying the state of languor in which we find ourselves now. But this hangover has to be broken. To strive for more, to strive for even larger success ... Not just in numbers, but in a pursuit towards the shimmering deceiving land called perfection. We have to raise ourselves higher for a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow of which we as a team will be proud of – a tomorrow of which people like Reddy, Golu and Choubey will be proud of. This is our moment in the sun. Here's wishing that this sun will shine much brighter for years to come. Cheers to us.


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  2. yaar... yeh cheers to us tto theek hai....... par sab log mere soney ki hi baat kyun karte hain?? =( main sahi mein doosro ke baraabar hi soya fest ke time pe yaar...:::buhuhuhu =(
    wutsoevr... jokes apart... i wish evn i had a blog. too gud..dood!!
    cheers to keeda!
    cheers to the dream!
    cheers to the reality!
    n cheers to ROBOTIX!!!!

  3. Dumbfounded!!!!!!
    The dream we lived , the moments we spent ... but the 30 sec glance through the blog made me relive the dream , or shud i say the reality!!
    The shiver in my hands ,the nostalgia
    creeping within, the throb of excitement still persisting , thanx to the blog!!!
    It was my first, but i crave for much
    more larger than life & more ecstatic than reality!!! YO ROBOTIX!!

  4. This blog must have brought a smile to every face that toiled hard to make this fest a huge success. It made me go back in time and re-live those 4 days that might have been very frusst then but seem so enjoyable nw...
    .:ROBOTIX:. ROCKS...

  5. Hey MANGO ...
    ur blog rocks and so does Robotix...
    I m sure this blog must have warmed the hearts of every team member . An the bright sun tht u talked about .....
    Well u guys deserve all the moments under tha sun..
    Rock on MANGO and rock on ROBOTIX
    I m proud to say tht Robotix is from my insti.

  6. Really enthralling!!!!
    Sneha told me about the post and inspite of having a test five hours later i decided to read it, not once but several times; each time feeling a new aura gathering around me....a new emotion creeping within...a longing to walk back in time and relive those moments treasuring them for ever....and i think all was worth it!! Cheers to the whole team!!!
    ROBOTIX rocks!!!!
    Great post, Ritwik!!
    And to apurva, isn't it true you did feel sleepy a lot more than everyone else..[:)]??

  7. Well i must say ... this was one of the best dayz i had ... thanx a lot team for putting in efforts ... but hats off to Golu, TD, PB and Hema ... jinke bina i would have collapsed ... they were the pillars of support ... Also round of applause for KT nd Sarkar for easing away with MM codes without any probs ... PB nd Akash for jigsaw ... Aamir for his grids ... waise i was really happy that there was a winner ... i always wondered whether there would be any robot which will satisfy aamir ... but then we had three ... Kudos to Prerit and Hugs for Anshu and Deeps for putting so much pain and hard work in putiing one of the most acurate tracks ever cut by anyone ... Thnx a lot Apurv, Bhaddu and Guru for looking after my events and completing the rounds within specified time without much chaos ... gr8 job done ...

    Coming to our new members ... i was mesmerized with their tempo ...
    sneha - hats off .... i have one question for u ... how do u mangae so mmuch stuff ???
    Naman - thnx man .. u nd edkie really rocked ... waise i wonder y only guys came to u while buying Ts and only girls whn u were on help desk ... somthing really fishy.
    Sanhita - WOW !! some tempo u have ... signing 1600 certificates is no joke ...
    Swapnil and Sanjiban -- too good ... no words ...job well done .

    In the end i will only end by saying tht i had a lovely time wid all u guys ... i m sorry for scolding u all ppl ... i know i m a terror for man ppl ... but u will realize one day the importance of it one day ... And i also apologize if i have said anything bad ... And one more thing ... i won !! choubey nd reddy note - GIRLS also have tempo ... i sign off now ... nd dont worry wont shout on anybody anymore ... but whenever u need help i m always thr for ROBOTIX and for u ppl ... ROBOTIX ROLLS ... cya

  8. Nd before signing off ... i forgot to mention the owner of this blog ... man u just dont know ... if u were not thr ... thn by now i would have no hair left on my head ... thnx man ... nd yes i thoroughly njoyed jumping over puri gate nd doing the reimbursement thng ... u rocked ... Man on a Go .... u still have a long way to go ... KEEP IT UP ...

  9. If it was Reddy who was responsible for the initial breakthrough 2 years back, you guys are the ones who've not only lived up to the expectations, but done infinitely more than what could've been humanly thought.. Cheers to all of the guys!

    I must say - after 3 years with Robotix (plus last yr that I missed the final event, while I was away to a conference), I was a tad selfish to enjoy Kshitij for once.. The passion that the present team shares is unmatched.. I'm 100% certain that Robotix is in not just safe, but wonderful hands! :-)

  10. yo keeda
    i dont think thr was any bttr way of expressing how we felt abt these 4 days and all the work tht has gone behind it. is blog ke liye tere keede ka size reset hota hai :). on a more serious note, reading dis blog just made me feel as i felt just after the quarter finals...i just cant describe it....i can just say.....WE DID IT!!!! I have no more words....just...YO ROBOTIX!!!

  11. Well ... honestly i didnt expect that this piece would be received so warmly ... well i started writing on monday and had to stop in the middle due to some reason ... when i completed it ... well i hardly knew what i had written ... things just flowed ... I mean i cant put my finger on the reason but this year was special ...

    Thanks to each and everyone for you wonderful comments. It has mad me feel on the TOP OF THE WORLD ...

    on a different note ... i had almost lost this flair for writing anyting ... maybe this will make me start all over again

    abt ur sleep ... it just goes to shoe ur great time management ... all the time utilized ... and i saw the SC Videos today .. u DID rock

    well you should have a blog of your own ... thanks for the wonderful words .. and surely ur craving for more will be fulfilled

    you hit the nail rite on the head .. this is what the blog was supposed to do ... bring a smile on people's faces ... glad to have done that

    Your comment is a special one man .. the first and the only non member till now ... plus u seem to read all my blogs ... i mean esp for you THNAKS is too small a word .. wait till i invent a new one

    You and me are only justa aprt ... i write blogs 5 hour before the test ... you read them ... and YES we wil take a much grander walk next time around

    man what a comment ... the longest yet totally sincere ... seriosly we had some team this time ... and you saved up an extra special for me in the end ... always great working with you

    Well mentioning us in the same sentence as Reddy ... I personally cudnt have asked for more ... Thaks a lot

    Well ... we are Yo _pUnTers_ yaar ...btw mera resret ho ke kitna hua?? Next year ... man ... next year

  12. You of corse understand and appreciate friend that i ve exactly as much to do with the Robotix stuff as much an infant has to do with booze or a 40-year old with cerelac.....but the avid-follower-of-ur-blog that I am, must say its wonderful. u make it look very realistic which is pretty difficult at times........Mango Rox!!!!

  13. good 1...and as for ur flair of writing...dont worry; as long as i am around to coach you, that will never be a problem :D

    PS turn off word verification for comments...its a pain in the a**


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