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Exam Blues, Greens and Reds

Hmmm.... well I am just back from the exam hall. Usually I choose to say as little about these two or three hours as possible. But today I have got a few things to say.

Now I am one of those who take pride in not having any Examination blues. There nothing to worry man.If you've prepared (and that may include all kind of preparation) ... well then you will do more or less well, otherwise not. So I welcome my exams with a sense of humor. The concept of exam is more or less lost on me. Perhaps the only fathomable reason I can come up with is that if there were no exams, people would not stop their AOEs, CSs, Orkuts, FIFAs and some other things which I better not mention here. So this is kind of fasting from our regular passions that we observe during this apparently loaded and morose period.

Okay, so much for my general musing. So what happened today that has got me spurting all this nonsense? Well, here's an advice for your next exam. Stay away from girls. Don't sit beside them, behind then and at angles that you calculated without using any trigonometry but which you KNOW isthe perfect angle. See I have nothing against girls. But then when you are trying to figure out stresses and strains and fractures, and are not sure which has a lower yield point: the shaft in the paper or your patience ... well in those situations the smell, a certain odor is paradoxically unappreciated. The fragrance of the perfume tinkles your senses every 177 seconds or so, and you lose track man. At least, I do. C'mon, this is even worse than sitting face to face. In that case if you can concentrate if you put your head down, but here it doesn't work. Thats my exam red.

Exam blue? Well had that today as well. After much consideration, today I decided to write with myBlue Ocean Gel -- see I am very particular about my pens. But halfway through my first question,which later turned out to be the only question I answered ... so halfway through, the pen ditched me.Full refill but it refused to write. So much so for a paper that I was trying to beatify.

So could my exam had been any worse??? Of course ... read the title people. There's still the Exam Greens.

Now before any of you decide to term me an incurable psychic, I request you to understand this. Sometimes people need chlormint. They do. I do it surely during exams at least. It's my lifeline during those two ghastly hours. I carried around 10-12 pieces during my JEE, and still have one ofthem left. I keep it as a kind of memory (I know I am not doing anything to mitigate the psychic thing, but ...). Maybe this is my Thing. So as ever I carried a chlormint to the exam hall. After tinkering all my grey cells for around an hour with no result, I decided that its time for those heavenly green pills. But ahem. Fate was really testing me today. I opened the wrapper to find only half a chlormint. I mean, c'mon, didn't I pay full 50p for it. Then why the half piece. That was the moment that I realized it's a sign. A sign telling me that no matter what you do, this paper you arescrewed.

So I am all prepared for the next exam. NO bathing for a week ... lemme see which perfume then overrides my body odor. No more blue pens and at least three chlormints.
Why three? Jhankar Beats!!! Dobara mat poochna.


  1. I don't know if sumthing's wrong with my PC but I can see only the text in black background and the other half is in grey bg. Can't u get a better template? anyway, nice blog

  2. thanks
    ur appreciation is appreciated

  3. U hav been TAGGED...write 6 weird things about urself and u can in turn tag 6 different bloggers....waiting for the 6-weird-things-about-me post :)

  4. i wish you had more colours in your pellete... it was fun to read... so much so that i was disappointed that it ended so early!!!
    your humor always amuse me bhai!!!


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महफ़िलें वही हैं, ये
जाम दूसरा है
बाज़ार है वही, पर
दाम दूसरा है

ख्वाहिशें वही हैं
खुमार दूसरा है
यार भी वही हैं, पर
प्यार दूसरा है

सब कुछ है हूबहू, बस
ख्याल दूसरा है
वो साल दूसरा था, ये
साल दूसरा है


mehfilein wahi hain, par
jaam doosra hai
bazaar bhi wahi hai, par
daam doosra hai

khwahishein wahi hain
khumaar doosra hai
yaar bhi wahi hain, par
pyaar doosra hai

sab kuchh hai hu-ba-hu, bas
khayal doosra hai
woh saal doosra tha
yeh saal doosra hai