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Opening Lines #1

She, of the hair most unruly Trapped once, and you'd need a year to break free. She, of the eyes of a deity Trapped once, and forever hers you shall be. I had known her for eight months. And sometimes I wondered.

Coming of Age

Sometimes, I just feel lucky to be born when I was , to be born in this time and age, to have seen so many contenders for the "Greatest of All Time" tag. Lucky to be born in the age of Michael Schumacher and watch him beat record after record. To be born in the age of Lance Armstrong, for whom beating opponents and records was but a secondary feat. To be born in the age of Zinedine Zidane, most certainly the best of this generation, the marquee headbutt notwithstanding. Lucky to have watched not one, but two legends, pass the baton in tennis. When Pete Sampras lost in the Wimbledon of 01, it made fans of him hate that pony-tailed guy for ending his quest for a 5th consecutive crown. I know I did. But Pete shouldn’t mind that now, for over the course of next 8 years or so, Roger has shown that when it comes to beauty on the tennis court he has got the entire WTA beat, by a long shot (down the line). And then there’s Sachin Tendulkar , whose one mistimed shot makes your heart s

Date A Girl Who Loathes Herself

Author's Note: I have been given to understand that this piece makes me look like a douche. Well, I am not. This piece was an exercise in writing, and I hope (and pray), that I am not judged on it, by girls. Special mentions for Rosemarie Urquico for writing that wonderful piece, and for Tapas Shrivastava for making me want to write one myself. Thanks to Rohini Lall for the spark that ignited this particular piece. Date a girl who loathes herself. Date a girl who spends her money on comfort food. She has problems with closet space because she has too many high heels bought in moments of madness. Date a girl who has a list of failed relationships, who lost her first elocution competition when she was twelve. Find a girl who is depressed. You'll know she is because she has that long lost look in her eye. She is the one wearing crushed pajamas in the cafeteria, the one who is fidgeting with her cell phone, contemplating whether calling her therapist third time in a day woul

There Was A Time

There was a time I used to be young Sang with the choir when the school bell rung There was a time when promises were kept There was a time I wasn't unstrung There was a time I could name the stars In Orion's belt and the ones afar There was a time when my shoes did shine There was a time I fought for marks There was a time I loved traveling in trains In sleeper coaches with betel stains There was a time when Maggi was cherished There was a time I danced in the rain There was a time I used to be rich 10 bucks I'd have, would lend out six There was a time I tried to be honest There was a time when I was a snitch There was a time I knew my F.R.I.E.N.D.S I shed a tear when "The Last One" ends There was a time I knew multiplication tables There was a time I didn't have to pretend There was a time I had the stomach to cover the distance that somehow grew There was a time I used to hate girls There was a time I used to love you.