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The Spirit is Not Lost

An Open Letter to the Scholar’s Avenue Team (In Response to your cover article in Feb 24 Issue) since an e-copy was not available I could not post a link Let me begin by saying that, on the face of it, I am both saddened and upset by this article. Upset by the twisted interpretation of the facts. Saddened because the article portrays the Soc-n-Cult GC as demon that it certainly isn’t. LOST IN SPIRIT – the title of the article offends me – both as a participant and as (perhaps) the most hated face in gymkhana sub-coms. As a participant I have seen examples of this very spirit being upheld on many occasions. I have seen the entire Netaji Auditorium applaud a performance, not once – but twice. I have seen actors and performers being the first ones to go out and congratulate their opponents after a good show. I do not disagree with the fact that the GC is witness to its fair share of chaos. What is baffling is that the author has assumed a moral high ground without checking the facts. You

Patel and Me

Impulsive blogs are a bad idea -- I know that, still ..... First of all this is not a Choreo blog ... this is not a GC 2009 blog ... this blog is about "Patel and Me" " Patel and Me " -- is naam pe Sandy aur main dono hi book likhne waale the. Book ka to pata nahi ... All I know is one thing: In my first year, jab mujhe Patel allot hua tha .... then many people (non patelian) said "Patel is a sports hall. Wahan Soc-Cult ka kuchh nahi ... baas bamboo kar ke tere se sports karwayenge" .... and I somehow believed that. It's been 3 years since then. And today, perhaps only a handful of people know WHAT A CHOREO GOLD FEELS LIKE??? (Yo Bish for that ... i seriosly dint beleive that you could pull it off ... You dont know how grateful I am at being proven wrong for once.) This blog is not for comments ... this is not for poetry .... this is not for compliments .... this is not for awesomeness. This blog is for Sandy. and to my partners in crime over the last

Google Talk

Dedicated to: Gulzar Saab and to all guys wih a computer screen who are the inspiration behind this piece कल रात तुम्हारे online आने का इंतज़ार करता रहा बोझिल आँखें तुम्हारी बत्ती के green होने की आस देखती रहीं बात तो वैसे कुछ ख़ास नहीं थी पार बात तो फ़िर भी करनी थी दिन कैसे बीता, जब चोट लगी -- क्यों हँसा, यही सब कहनी थी दो बार "thr" भी मारा, सोचा कहीं "always-idle" तो नहीं कोई reply नहीं आया तो सोचा की अब यही सही शायद आज तुम्हारा mood नहीं था ४ बजे वाला कोहरा भी घिर आया था मैं आँखें मूँद नींद का इंतज़ार करता रहा कल रात तुम्हारे online आने का इंतज़ार करता रहा इन बोझिल आंखों को तुमसे chat करने की आदत सी हो गई है. Do follow up to the jugalbandi And for those whose Hindi font is not working: Kal raat tumhare online aane ka intezaar karta raha bojhil aankhen tumharee batti ke green hone ki aas dekhti rahi.n baat to waise kuchh khaas nahi thi par baat to fir bhi karni thi din kaise beeta, jab chot lagi -- kyun hansa yahi sab kahni thi do baar "thr" bhi maara, s