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Love Actually?

You watch a movie like Love Actually and it makes you wonder. We, here in our country, need a celebration like Christmas – we really do. After all, what other occasion do we get to profess our love for our best friend’s wives (not girlfriends – wives). And then that very wife ends up kissing you. We really need a Christmas of our own. And not something like the Valentine’s Day – something more local, closer to our heart. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to cheat on your wife of 20 years and say, “Hey It’s Diwali!!!”

This movie also puts a few things in perspective. If you grow up in a conservative environment watching classic Indian romantic movies (like I did), there are a few notions you have about the phrase true love. Now I never say it has to be platonic and/or metaphysical. But I had a few notions corrected anyway. Like: to fall in love with your exotic foreigner girl (read Portuguese) you need to see her in her bare minimums. Surely, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

And parenting – boy, do we need to take more than a leaf or two out of their books. Keep flaunting the F-word before your 10 year old step son, who has just lost his mother by the way, and he will grow up to be just like you. Only if Eminem’s mother would have known that. Just once in a while make him jump the security at the airport as well.

Its not that I didn’t like the movie, l really did. The British Prime Minister’s description of his country is perhaps the best there can be. And what in the world can be sweeter and mushier and cosier than watching two erotic actors (that’s just diplomatic for porn-stars) falling in love. Now that was true love.

But all in all, the best part of the film is its opening line: Love Actually is EVERYWHERE. Maybe we just need to remember that. And also remember, “Kids, don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star and they will give it to you fir free.”


  1. For those who have also read his previous post on why a new blog, a very important point was missing from that post. Apparently, this new blog has been created just so he could have an avenue to publish his wonderful review on Love Actually. As such, this particular post will always be the Pièce de résistance of this new blog.

    That apart, the author might consider editing this line from the post:
    Just imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to cheat on your wife of 20 years and say, “Hey It’s Diwali!!!”

    You wouldn't want your future wife to read that, would you? Would you?

  2. Harsha's comment is wayyyyy better than the post

  3. Goodness Me!

    May be like someone someday said I don't have any better work, but looking at your status message today, I had this feeling.LOVE ACTUALLY! "Uh! The girl in the purple really did something to this guy"

    Thank god it was NOT romantic, sensible may be not, but different hell yeah!

  4. Man... this movie seriously has a different side to it :)

    I am pretty sure there were a bunch of other KGPians watching the movie by your side, who would have helped you in adding toppings to your wonderful philosophy :)


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