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Final Fantasy

So much light I can't see myself So dark around I can't be myself From the shackles I'll free myself And the journey continues. Lay beside me, and lift me high above Then let go off the cliff, for that adrenaline rush The clouds have gone now, will it ever rain If you can love me now, I can love you once again Lay beside me, in this gothic sky Black blood flowing in my vein, but i want to stay alive The clouds are back now, the journey continues Its raining once again, and the journey continues. Crumples flowers, crumpled stones Bruised and battered, I stand alone Are you the wine, that can carry me with you? Crumpled flower. crumpled stone Carrying blames on my own Are you the sin are you sorry I was you? Well, I am sorry too. Come lay beside me, it's hurting even more I tried to break free all my bonds and it's hurting even more There's no strength left now I