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Good Bye Schumi

Dear Michael

I don?t know why I am writing this for you. To begin with I didn?t like you that much. When I started watching Formula 1, you were the guy who was winning all the races. You looked arrogant, conceited and just too proud of yourself. Watching you win all the races was becoming boring. And there was Rubens, the guy who was somehow suspiciously the bad luck magnet of the team. He had all the mechanical failures, technical failures, engine blow ups and anything that could go wrong in the book. The Austrian Grand Prix of 2004 didn?t help to dispel the suspicion either. I always felt that Rubino was never allowed to achieve what he deserved. While he was flamboyant and carefree on the circuit, you were clinical and precise and seemed just too bothered about wining races.

But there are moments that define history. The one I remember and cherish the most might never be mentioned in any discussion about the greats, (after all it happened in a qualifying session), but that was the moment that just re-emphasized you caliber. After trailing the leader at the end of first two sectors in the qualifying, you did something special in the final sector. Something so special that at the end you were P1 with a 0.5 second advantage. It was then that I accepted that why people liked "The Michael Schumacher".

You swept through the 2003 and 2004 season, gaining points for the Prancing Horse and spreading the scarlet fever. As Steve Slater commented, with your professionalism you were killing the game you so loved. But as the world waited for Schumer to win his 8th championship, fate chose a different course. Some Spaniard called Alonso, decided to put question marks on what you can do. At The Italian GP last year, both of you fought for the win. Even though you came tantalizingly close, he won. People said that days of Schumi are over. That we have a new Champion. That you should retire. Well Alonso did win the championship, and your detractors were more than happy, but I just hoped to see the day when you would bounce back.

And I am happy that you didn?t let me or any of your fans down. Now that you are just two points behind Alonso, with three races to go, I really don?t care if you win this world championship or not. It would surely be the best finish that your career deserves. But even otherwise, I can only thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have given to the world of sport. People will always ponder over to decide who has been the greatest driver of all time. Is it Fangio, is it the Professor or is it The Ayrton Senna or is it Schumi. They might keep emphasizing that the game has become too technical, and that the car has become more important than the driver. But I know one thing for sure: It sure takes a hell lot to win 7 World Championships.

I did hope that you could continue for maybe one more year. But now that you have decided to call it a day, I am saddened. It is the end of an era. The era of Michael Schumacher. I am amazed how you kept yourself motivated for this long. You had long back achieved all you had to. You had nothing to prove. But after taking the fight to Alonso this season, you have proved once and for all that nothing is impossible for you. And so, even though i might not be the biggest fan of your, I am compelled to write this for you. For your brilliance, for your moments of glory, for your panache, for your determination, and above all for your GENIUS.

All the best for your final three races. In the end, I can only say this. Even if you are arrogant and too holy proud of yourself, you deserve every bit. Becos people like you come only once in a generation. Thank You so much for entertaining us the way only you could have had.


  1. sahi mein n????

    isme itna nice kya hai ...
    waise gud that u liked it


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