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Exam Blues, Greens and Reds

Hmmm.... well I am just back from the exam hall. Usually I choose to say as little about these two or three hours as possible. But today I have got a few things to say. Now I am one of those who take pride in not having any Examination blues. There nothing to worry man.If you've prepared (and that may include all kind of preparation) ... well then you will do more or less well, otherwise not. So I welcome my exams with a sense of humor. The concept of exam is more or less lost on me. Perhaps the only fathomable reason I can come up with is that if there were no exams, people would not stop their AOEs, CSs, Orkuts, FIFAs and some other things which I better not mention here. So this is kind of fasting from our regular passions that we observe during this apparently loaded and morose period. Okay, so much for my general musing. So what happened today that has got me spurting all this nonsense? Well, here's an advice for your next exam. Stay away from girls. Don't sit beside t


" Khatm kar doon khud ko main, tere liye O bewafa Teri yaadon ki magar tasveer maangta hoon main Baandh loonga apni hasti, apna zarra ae sanam Muskurahat ki teri woh zanjeer maangta hoon main Doob jaayein hasratein, khwahishein saari meri Aansuon ki teri aaj jheel maangta hoon main "

Good Bye Schumi

Dear Michael I don?t know why I am writing this for you. To begin with I didn?t like you that much. When I started watching Formula 1, you were the guy who was winning all the races. You looked arrogant, conceited and just too proud of yourself. Watching you win all the races was becoming boring. And there was Rubens, the guy who was somehow suspiciously the bad luck magnet of the team. He had all the mechanical failures, technical failures, engine blow ups and anything that could go wrong in the book. The Austrian Grand Prix of 2004 didn?t help to dispel the suspicion either. I always felt that Rubino was never allowed to achieve what he deserved. While he was flamboyant and carefree on the circuit, you were clinical and precise and seemed just too bothered about wining races. But there are moments that define history. The one I remember and cherish the most might never be mentioned in any discussion about the greats, (after all it happened in a qualifying session), but that was t


" है वक़्त अगर कुछ ज्यादा बांटो, मेरे संग बर्बाद करो साथ अगर हम न हो कल तो मुझको थोड़ा याद करो वापस आऊँगा ये वादा मैं करता नहीं अपनी नाकामियों पे चादर मैं धरता नहीं याद कर लूँगा तुम्हे भी दो घड़ी दो चार पल जितना वक़्त तुम्हारे पास उतना मेरे पास नहीं " " Hai waqt agar kuchh jyaada Baanto, mere sang barbaad karo Saath agar hum na ho kal To mujhko thoda yaad karo Waapas aaonga ye wada main karta nahi Apni nakamiyon pe chaadar main dharta nahi Yaad kar loonga tumhe bhi do ghadi, do char pal Jitna waqt tumhare paas Utna mere paas nahi "