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Girl by the Sea

As I was about to seat myself on the sand, she called in a rather loud voice, "Hey You!" I looked at her and pointed at myself inquisitively, wondering what a pretty lady had to do with someone like me. "Yeah you", she answered my unworded question; "Can you tell me the time?" "It?s about five-thirty." "What do you mean ?about??" "Well, I don?t have a digital watch and mine doesn?t even the minutes marked. It?s the blank face typed, just the dials. So if you want me to be precise, I will have to put it at five-twenty seven or twenty-eight, but I won?t bet my life on it." She smiled one of those half-smiles that people generally do to strangers, unless they are habitually half-smilers. I, too, winked at her, shrugged my shoulders and looked at the sea. I had already given her enough for the evening. It was one those picture postcard scenes everyone talks and writes about. The crimson sky, velvet sea, setting


My dreams Little figments of my imagination They speak to me Through the darkness of day and through shining nights My Dreams They are all I have They call me to the land unseen They promise me To take me through And I believe them My Dreams They are All I am They are my music and food Dreams are all I live for I have nothing to give you I have nothing to offer But Me and my dreams Step into the world of this dreamer